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Downtown L.A.


Downtown L.A.

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Anonymous: fortnight = a period of two weeks

Thank you anon. 

Just some Global News since not every news network covers it.

Malaysia: MH17

Ukraine: Russian Militants & Prime Minister Resigning

Gaza: More than 600 Palestinians have been reported dead in the past 15 days. Also 3,700 are wounded. 

Syria: 3 year civil war; 1,700 killed in the past week while 150,000 have died overall.

Iraq: 1/3 controlled by the Sunni militant group. They are purging the lands of religious minorities including Shia Muslims and Christian. 

Libya: In the last 2 weeks 13+ planes have been destroyed and the rival militia has taken control of the airport in the Libyan capital. 

West Africa: July 18-20th there were 28 deaths due to Ebola virus outbreak. Since February, there has been 1,093 cases and 660 deaths.

Philippines: Nearly 100 people killed in Typhoon Rammasun. There has been several typhoons, including Haiyan which destroyed 7,000 homes and forced 530,000 people to take refuge. 

Southern China: Also affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Around 51,000 homes destroyed and killed dozens.


Mali/Algeria: A plane leaving Burkina Faso, Mali has crashed in Gal, Mali. It was heading towards Algiers, Algeria. There were 116 people on the plane. (more info)

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